The first post: my story short


Im so happy to write this to you guys. It a new beginning a new start. Its 2019 and im 21 years old. Im a gay women from the Netherlands. I knew that I was gay when I was around 12/13 years old. I felt in love with my best friend.

I hear you say: ohh that happend to me too! Or im in that sitaution now. How did you deal with it? That is a story for later on 🙂

Now first things first. What will be on this blog? I don’t really know right know all I can say is that it will be really gay haha.

Some info about me.

I live with my brother Martijn and 2 dogs. Boris and Bandit. I have a job in the militairy. I love my job. I have a history with blogging so I have a lot of info about lgbt stuff. And the big question: are you single ? Yes im sti single but who knows maybe you will see a post one day about how I met my girlfriend haha

Get hit by the rainbow arrow !

Have a nice day 🙂

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