Im in love with you

“Im in love with you” if you think about it is it a really weird thing to say. It can change your world and life in one second. In a positive way then you are lucky but it can turn out the negative way. It can fuck everyting up. For a lot of people will it take a lot of courage to speak the words out loud.

Like ask yourself when and to who have you ever told those words and how many times? It is weird because if you take the word love and you separately it is not so powerfull as when you say I love you. The same as Im in love. That can be very strong too.

“Being in love” has so much power behind that emotion. It keeps people busy, it destroys but also makes people happy. Love is everywhere! It can come to you on your worst times or when you didn’t expect it. Or the feelings will grow with time.

But I digress like I often do, that happens when you are in love. Everything is beautiful, nice, funny you are happy especially when you see her. You want to be around her every moment of the day. You give her a cute little smile just to try get her attention. You wonder about what she is thinking,how she is feeling and what keeps her busy.

Love isn’t always that simple. But at that moment everthing seems simple.

Love is scary abd sometimes you are just to scared to let your feelings show.

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