Why are my dogs so important for me?

As you maybe know I have 2 dogs and they mean the world to me.
I once read a story about a boy who lost his old dog. He was sad and the vet said”it is sad that dogs don’t life as long as humans do rigth? But the boy looked at the vet with a little smile and said:

“No they don’t need to life as long as people do because they already know how to be kind, how to be nice and friendly. They don’t need to learn that like humans must or never learn. They know how to life better then people.”

My first dog was Bandit I got him right after my mom passed away, I was 7 years old, bandit is now 14 years old. He is a cross-breed between a Dachshund and a Jack Russell. Bandit is a happy dog, but you can see he is getting older but that doesn’t matter he is still cute and sweet. Sometimes he can get angry and grumpy but that is okay when you are old haha

Then there is Boris, mine sweet anxious doggo, I got him 3 years ago and he is now 4 years old, he is a stray doggo and has a lot of mixed breeds in him. You can tell that he has lifed on the street for a while is is so scared of everything. But he is so cute and sweet and will never harm anybody. He is like that one person in the movie who everyone loves.

Bandit and Boris are important for me because they are a part of me I take care of them and they take care of me. That sounds maybe weird but I need them. When Im feeling sad or lonley they will be there for me. They will give cuddels or just sit next to me. They don’t jugde they will not be angry or dissapointed in me. They will always come back to me. They love me and I love them! That is why I love my dogs sometimes more then people.

Dogs are how people needed to be.

Foto door Pixabay op Pexels.com

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