Handball ,old memories and coming out.

Today after 2 years I played handball again with my old team. After 16 years I quit handball because I couldn’t combine it with work and my personal life. I was a goalkeeper. But I got a call from my old coach if I would join the team for one time. And I was in for that, because I miss it a lot.

It was fun to play with the old team, and we even won. It was a good game.
It did let me remember of the good old times and the time I came out to my team.

I was al ready openly gay at my school and at home, but I hadn’t told my handball team. Why? because I was scared that they maybe would pick on me. Or won’t accept me. I did shower with those girls what if they thought that I was watching them? That is why I waited that long to tell them. But then I told meself, Nathasja I know this team for so long they have Always support you so shy not now?

So one day the time came. We had a really messed up game. We lost the game. But there was so much going, people were angry at eachother. It was a pretty weird game. So in the dressinggroomwe talked about it. People still were very angry and sad. So we talked all out, and when everybody was okay again and when they were laughing again. I said:

”Now we are sitting here all together all ready, I would like to tell something”

And I saw everybody look at me, I was nervous but I knew this was the right moment to share things, it was the right moment for me to come out and tell the team that I was gay.
I heard someone say : ”You are not going to say that you leave the team right? because we need you!”
I laughed and said:”no, this is someting personal.
I took a deep breath and said:

”I like girls , I am gay, and I hope you will still accept me in your team”

I saw people look and it became quiet for a moment , ”is that all!” somebody said, ofcourse we will accept you, you are our goally and will allways get accepted. People smiled at me and some people stood up to give me a hug. It was so great to let them know. Because it was a big secret I had for them and now I could finally be myself!

Handball was a big part of my life , and it will Always have a place in my heart. I love the game, the team, to be part of something. It is nice to have a team who accepts you for who you are.

And today , I have enjoyed that little moment again. And that makes me so happy!

Foto door Annie Tsung op Pexels.com

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