I was out to party and I always go to the same club. But this time I saw you. A new face from behind the bar. I asked my friend if she has ever seen you before. She said no. So I looked at you and I saw you stare back.

I had not yet the guts to go talk to you so we went to another club.I was still thinking about you. You did me remember about a crush I had a few years ago. You looked so much like her. After a few hours we got back like always we end the night at the same club.

And I saw you again, this time I got to the bar to order a drink by you. You smiled so sweet. And I sat at the bar with my friend for a few minutes. Then I asked you how long you worked here, just a small talk and it was nice. I ordered again and you said this one is from the house and you give me a wink.

After we left I told you that I will see you next time.

And I hope you will be there next time. Because you were beautiful and sweet.

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