Thinking about you all night.

Everyday when Im trying to sleep you come up in my mind. There you are in my thoughts I can’t stop thinking about you. Because of all the things we have been through. All the happy moment come up like all those time we just left the place and go for a drive to nowhere. And all those times we laughed about nothing.

But also the sad moment come up. I start to worry about important moments. Like did I said that alright? Why did we fought about that?Why were you sad today?All those things come up when I try to sleep. You never leave me alone. And when I try to forget you and focuss on my sleep. I feel sad because I like thinking about you.

Then finally when I get to sleep. You will also be in my dreams. And those dreams are sometimes so frustrating. Most of the time you are angry about something. Or want to tell me something but just can’t or I wake up before you said it. That are the bad dreams about you. And when I wake up from them I feel so empty and sad. And wish I could hug you and say all the things I want to say to you.

But luckly I also have nice dreams about you and that is what I love the most about sleeping. Because if it is a sweet dream we will be happy in that dream. No stuggels just the two of us. Like I dream about in real life.

But then I wake up again and you are gone and I lie on my bed again thinking about you.

And I will think about you all night.

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