Do you get the feeling?

Do you get that feeling that you want a person so bad that it hurts? Like you don’t know how to act around that person. You want to speak to her but you don’t know what to say. That is fucked up.

When you talk to her you want it to never end. And feel sad when she tells you that she needs to leave. That empty feeling she leaves you with when she is gone.

Also, that happy feeling when she texts you. That little text makes you feel wanted and loved. But it makes you sad when you have no text of her. And want to text her but don’t want to annoy her.

When you see her walk you wonder what’s on her mind. And when you can’t find her you look where she went. You want to do things together even if it is nothing special. Just being with her is enough.

That moment when you haven’t seen her for a while and get all nervous when you see her again. Or you just get nervous when she sit next to you. The little butterflies she gives you at any moment of the day. And leaves you sleepless because she haunts through your mind.

That moment when she looks at you and makes a sweet comment. That warm feeling. Just seeing her will make your day.

Do you know the feeling of being in love?

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