Things to remember when trying to figure out if you are gay

Hello, I have struggeled for a while with my sexuality. I know now who I am I did it by myself and that is hard. Later on I learned about it more. So Here are a few tips that maybe can help you 🙂

Take your time

-sometimes it just takes a while to understand your feelings. This is maybe new for you and can be scared but that is okay. It is okay to not know it right know. Give yourself time to figure things out. Don’t make yourself carzy. Feelings can be confusing but allow yourself to feel.

Listen to yourself

-Don’t let others tell you it is a phase. Don’t let others tell you that you just haven’t found the right person. Don’t do someting you don’t feel okay with. Listen to yourself and discover things you only want to discover yourself not because someone told you to do it. You are the boss of your own feelings.

Feelings can change that doesn’t mean it was a phase

-Everything you feel is real. It is you emotion and that. And feelings are fluid. Maybe you feel love for the same sex one day and the other day nothing. That are feelings and feelings can change but it doens’t mean that they where not real.

It’s okay to wait

– Maybe you know for yourself who you are but will you keep it too yourself for a while. That’s okay. Tell people when you are ready and feel safe. Also it is okay the tell people that you aren’t sure yet. But just want some support from them.

Be proud

-It doesn’t matter if you are still in the closet or have a little crush on someone of the same-sex or are openly gay. Be proud! Be proud of yourself no matter what. Be proud of what you allready have done. And don’t let other people tell different. You are who you are and that is what all matter.

And remember you are not alonem if things are getting hard. Try to find help. With your friends, family and if that is not possible theb internet is you best friend! 🙂

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