how my week was going, work,fun and a party

The first work week of this year, and I felt good , happy and I loved to see my co-workers again.

I love my work because you meet so many special people, you will make good memories everyday. Also this week when I was a part of a special ceremonial. It was fun to work with people I like and we did a good job. We got a lot of compliments of our performance

Also I saw my best friend again . It was her birthday this week so I went to see her, It was really fun! I need to see her more.

Thursday I had a party from work, we do that a lot because a lot people like me sleep at the military base because it is to far away. So we have time to give party’s. So did we do this week. It was fun , also because my best work buddy came. We had a really good talk and a really good time. I love to have party’s with her, because it is so nice to have fun with her. And there will always happen weird stuff were we will laugh about later on.

The week started of good, I saw my friends on work and we did fun stuff. As a soldier you work with a group what is like your family. I missed them. But mostly I missed my best work buddy, Im madly in love with her. She knows , and we have been in a bad place but we are really good friends again. I was a little nervous the see her again but things where like before the vacation.

We had lots of fun, but still I struggle everyday with my feelings for her. But it was a good week for us. It was a good week for me.

It was a good week!

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