I’m a jealous person, I don’t want to be a jealous person but I am.
I hate the feeling of jealousy and I wish it didn’t exist. That feeling of not being wanted, that feeling of being angry at the other person, you suddenly hate that person, but why? Because you are jealous because she is having fun with the girl you love. Because she is not having fun with you at the moment? I hate that feeling. It is jealousy that makes me look bad.

I’m jealous when I hear you say something about her that I didn’t knew, why did she told you that and not me? I’m jealous when I know that you are with your girlfriend, I want to be with you. It makes me sick. I’m jealous at party’s when you don’t play beer-pong with me. I am jealous about all the little things.

Jealousy makes relationships damaged. Did you cheat on me? Why are you talking to her? Do you like her? I saw you looking at her! That is the jealousy speaking and it makes us look so stupid and awful. You can be the nicest person in the world but when you are jealous will it makes you look so evil.

It is wrong that I am jealous if it is about you. You can have fun without me, you are allowed to see other people, you can speak to her, you can date with her. you can do what you want. It has nothing to do with me because you are not with me.

And I am jealous about that.

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