The Good Place, a serie about the afterlife.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Last week I watched the Good Place,it is on Netflix. At first I was not sure if this was something for me, but I needed a funny show and I watched the trailer. And that already did it for my. I would give it a try.

The Good Place is about a woman Elanor, who died and is in the Good Place.There are two places the Good place and the Bad place. Elanor is told that she was a really good person on Earth and deserve this place but Elonor knows she doesn’t belong in the Good Place because she was not a good person on earth like the others. She meet a person called Chidi who is a teacher in ethical philosophy and she tells him the truth he offers the help her. but then things get really weird.

Why should you give it a try?

The Good Place is a easy but really funny serie to follow. It is about dead but it makes it so less scared. I was afraid to die, I still am, but this serie makes it a lot easier to face it. And you can learn a lot about ethical cases.
The story is so good and the characters are not standard and well played. If you want to laugh then you need to watch it. Every episode you think okay must weird can it not be, but then this happens and yeah they just do a good job. It is a good serie.

Let me know have you watched it and what do you think about it? Or will you go watch it ?

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