Things people say about being gay

There is a lot talking about being gay,trans,bi or what ever you label yourself as. When you come out you hear the most weird things here are a few things I heard or others heard.

Guy: So you are a lesbian?
Me: Yes, I am a lesbian
Guy: Oh, nice I am a lesbian to , right

Others: So how long have you been gay?
Me: Excuse me? I am born this way, I have been gay my whole life. I think you mean when did I knew?
Others: Euhmmmm..

Others: So who wears the pants in the relationship? As you get what I mean?
Me: O , most of the time her and mine pants are on the ground, as you get what I mean.

Others:You just didn’t find the right boy.
Me: Oh , okay just wait I will hook up with Brad Pitt. O wait no still gay.

Others: You just have to chose between one right? you are gay or you are straight there is no in between
Bisexual persons: Okey so I can not like two things? You like chocolate just as much as donuts right?You can have both a chocolate donuts. So why can’t I like a boy and a women?

Others: How do you know you are gay?
Me: How do you know you are straight?

Guy: I bet I can turn you straight again?
Me: Okay, just wait a second I have this good friend of me who is gay and is really good in bed so I will go with you if you go with him.
Guy: But I am not gay?
Me: Yeah do you understand it now?

Others: It is just a phase.
Me: Yeah when I fucked her it was really a phase. A phase of real gayness.

Others: I accept homosexuals as long as they don’t show it in my phase.
Me: *walk pass by a poster with straight people kissing, sees movies with straight people , sees straight people holding hands and kiss*
Shut the fuck up, you straight people show it in our faces everyday every moment.

What do others say to you ? When you tell them yoy are gay? Let me know 🙂

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