Why I like driving in my car so much

For my work I need to drive a lot, I need to drive about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is long but I like it. Why ? Because I can think about things I otherwise can’t think about. Like what will I post this day on my blog? Or I think about what is going on in my life

A lot of posts I write here are figured out when I was driving. I like to think when I am on the way. With some good music and I will go on for hours. Every time I get in the car I feel free. I can go everywhere I want to go.

I like to see the nature ,there are so many beautiful places you can go, look out of the window and just enjoy the view. Maybe you drive on a brights look to the sea. Maybe you can see the sun go under. Or are you driving at night and can see the stars and the moon? It is just beautiful to see nature!
I like to look at other people while driving. You see a lot of funny things when you pay attention. A lot people are grumpy while driving. I am not. I like it. Even when there is traffic. I put my music on and I sing along with it. Very loud. So you can make a happy thing out of a annoying thing.

While driving I feel good because I know I take myself to happy places to make happy moments.

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