I will call you mine someday.

You dont exist right now in my life but you are there outside. Maybe you are happy. Maybe you are sad. Maybe you are running outside somewhere looking for Me.

who you dont know yet. But we will get to know each other someday.
I dont know when. You dont know it either. But we both hope it will be someday. Someday when we both can love each other.
The day will come when I look at you when we have dinner somewhere in a cute little city. And then I can say you are mine. Someday will come.
You will kiss me and I will kiss you back. We will wake up and cuddle up to each other. We will be sleepy and we will stay in bed a little longer because it is so warm and safe in bed with you.

You are out there somewhere.
I think about you. But I dont know who you are. What you look like. I know nothing about you. But someday you will not be a stranger anymore.We will know everything about each other. And you will be my favorite person.You will be my home and I will do everything to be with you. To make you happy. I will do anything for you.
You or better said mine.

One thought on “I will call you mine someday.

  1. I love this! All my thoughts about a relationship have to do with having a girlfriend and i know there is someone out there for me, i just haven’t found her. ..


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