My thoughts

Some quotes of my thoughts I had over the past months

When I see you smile I feel so happy. You are the reason I smile. Because your smile is so fucking beautiful

We have been in bad places. Without echother. But I want to be with you again. So the bad places dont feel so bad anymore

Every weekend I do nothing, the only thing I do is thinking about you. Waiting for the week to start so I can see you agian.

I felt so good when you spoke to me again after all those time. I hope you saw how good it made me feel

I can’t explain how broken I am without you. Will you ever come back to me?

You said this is not a friendship anymore but everytime I watch you from across the room and it still feels like a friendship to me. I will not give up on you

I everytime when I look at you I feel happy. But now that we fight I feel pain when I look at you..

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