Yesterday was a day of frustrations, normal I am a happy person but yesterday some people really got me frustrated.

Trough the week I sleep at my work with some other co-workers. It is a very nice place with a living-room where we chill together.

We were already warned about the fact that it is a mess sometimes,but before Christmas we have really do our best to clean it and make sure it stays clean.

Until yesterdag , I came back from the gym. And there was my teamleader and his deputy from our work. They told us that they had a complain that it was a mess again and that we were not following the rules.

Then I exploded. There was no mess. And I was soooo angry.

I just hate it when people don’t see the effort you put in something. So I talked and talked and we got a final warning. But Im just so angry that they don’t how we do our best. Ofcourse sometimes you have a little mess. You can’t clean everything everytime because we still need to go to work.

So that is what I wanted to say haha sorry for conpaining.

What makes you frustrated?

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