How it was to be in the closet (part 2)

In my earlier stroy you could read about my hiding my sexuality from others read here part 1

Here is part 2.

Is was still not out to everyone at school only some friends knew about it.

And it was hard for me to be open about it to some people and not to everyone but still I wanted to keep it a secret for a while.

One time I sat with a friend and I was a little bit sad because I had been in a fight with my then love interest. So my friend asked what wad wrong. I said that I had a fight. She asked my why. I told her that I couldn’t tell her.

I didn’t knew why I wouldn’t tell her that I wad gay. I think I was just to scared to lose her as a friend. We talked a little bit and then she asked if I maybe was in love with her and if I was gay.

I freaked out because she got it right. I n panick I told her that it was not true. So we moved on. Then she asked who that girl was on my backscreen of my phone. I had a wallpaper of a beautiful girl because I liked the way she looked. I just told her that it was a youtuber I liked. And stil I don’t know why I didn’t told her that I was gay. I had the change so why not?

I think she already knew but just wanted to hear it from me in person. After a few months I just told her. She accepted me and we are still friends.

All those strugles I had with being in the closet was for nothing because she still accepted me. Sometimes you are just to scared. But that is okay!

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