Coming out to my dad

I was already out to my friends and at school but I did not told my dad that I liked girls. I was just to afraid.

One time I talked with a friend who saw that I was not doing well. She asked what was going on and I told her that I wanted to be myself at home and not wanting to hide anymore. We talked about it and finally I had the guts to tell my dad that I was gay.

I said to myself okay I tell it with dinner but I was to afraid what if he doesn’t accept it. So I waited for dessert but still I was to scared. Okay I will tell him when he is watching tv. So normally I spend my evening computering at that time. But not this time. I sat down with my father who was watching the news.

I was so nervous. I did not talk for an hour. But I told myself I need to tell him. I need to otherwise I can’t be myself and I want to.

So I took a deep breath and said “dad I like girls” but he did not answered me. So I started to cry. Then my dad looked at me and said:”It is okay I already knew”

And he tottaly accepted me. And I am lucky for that.

What is your coming out story?

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