Everyday is the same I wake up every morning with you on my mind, It is 05:30 and all I can do is thinking about you, When I take the bus to school, I look at your picture , you are beautiful ,you so perfect your eyes are so beautiful.. I have never felt this way about someone before..

I sit in the class the teacher is talking about some boring stuff, but all I can do is thinking that it’s almost lunch time, it’s almost time and that will mean that I will see you. I hope every break that you will come over to talk to me, sometimes you do and that are the best moments of my lunch..

Every time I try to find you in the hallways, or in the canteen, but I see you talk with this freshmen girl, she is beautiful just as you, you smile at her and I see that you blush, you are trying your best to make her yours, and it is working.

You talk to me about her and you say that you like her, you know I love you, but you have told me that it isn’t going to work, we are friends and I like that fact for now.

Now everyday when I wake up it is still you, but I know you will get together with her.. It is hard for me but all I want for you is to be happy. I will find my new love someday.. it will take some time to get over you, but I will.

For now all I hope is that we can be friends. Your special for me and that will never go away !

Wauw I was scrolling past my old posts and found this, It is now almost 3 years since I wrote this story, I was so madly in love with this girl, Now she is happy with a beautiful girl , I left school and yeah im sure when I will see her again the crush will hit me real hard again but Im happy for her , that she is happy, that is important.

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