How my week was going and what have I learned.

This week was good, intense but also happy. I had to work again , did a lot of sports even when still hangover from a party I had(again haha)

Monday started of with a running competition from my work. It was a 5 km track and it was fun. It was a beautiful pacour.

Tuesday was not a nice day as you may have read in my post “frustrations” I had some issuese with people from work. But luckly things are beter after we talked.

I even got to a party with some of the people I had issuese with. It was a fun party!

Sadly my best friend from work was sick. I missed her on the work place but still I had a good work week.

What have I learned this week.

-stand your ground if you are sure about something. It doesn’t matter that you feel insecure but tell people what you think about this. And stand your ground.

-If you have a party and if you need to work the next day. Please get some sleep first before you go to work. Otherwise it will be a long day like I had after the party haha. Fuck hangovers

– And like always try to enjoy the happy moments.

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