How it is to be an orphan

Im an orphan and Im not sad, or depressed, or someone who you need to take care of. Im just like every other 21 years old girl, but the only difference is that I don’t have my parents anymore.

I became and orphan a year ago, my mum died when I was 7 years old and my dad passed away last year. I was alone with my brother to take care of. And that can be hard sometimes. Im 21 years old and in a blink of an eye I needed to be grown up. Do everything on my own.

In fairytales you will always hear that orphan childeren will have magical powers or are being homeless , sad , miserable or have other kind problems. I hate that. The word orphan is loaded with sad things. And ofcourse it is sad to lose both of your parents but you need to move on, I needed to move on. I need to life, my parents would wanted my to be happy , be strong, be kind. So I will.

It is hard to see and hear other people talk about their parents, because I want that too. If I hear them say: Oh my parents helped me with that” It hurts me because I always need to do thing on my own. I want to tell my parents how my day was or when I did some thing special, like when I won a price or when I meet someone special. Just the small little things you do in life that is what I want them to tell. I wanted them to meet my future girlfirend , to be their for me in good and bad times. But they can’t and you only will realize that when they are already gone.

Also it is difficult for me to tell people, becuase I don’t want them to feel sorry, I don’t need compassion, ofcourse I know it is well meant. But it reminds me again that im not like the other kids that im ”special” and im not ”special” this only makes me stronger. And I love my life.

It is hard to be alone , that you don’t have your parents to be there for you. Luckly I still have my friends and the friends of my paretns. They love me and they will help me , so I dont feel so alone.

I will always be that girl with not parents, but im doing good and I will be fine in the end. I will live a good life so my parents will be proud of me even when they can’t be there for me I know they will see it somehow. I will take the best of my life that is a promise I made them!

5 thoughts on “How it is to be an orphan

      1. Wish you all the very best as well. You articulate your thoughts really well it was a delight to go through your post, according to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊

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