Just some quotes

I care about you, You are never alone because you are always on my mind.

Do you think about me? Even when you don’t want it? I do , even if I don’t want it I think about you..

I love you. I don’t love that you play with me but I don’t want you to stop. Even when you don’t mean it. It is real for me and I love you for that.

I think im ready to meet that special girl everybody is always talking about. So Holy Gay God bring me that awesone girl and get me laid please. Amen

I have lost you and I didn’t realize that you could give me love.. I was too blind and now I need your love but it is gone

even when you have so many “friends” you can feel so lonley

That moment when you realize that she doesn’t love you the way you love her. Then you understand what they mean when they say love is weakness.

Foto door Pixabay op Pexels.com

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