Afraid to love

Im afraid for love. I do love people but it makes me feel scared. Love is so powerfull and it is loaded with so many emotions.

Love can hurt, love can make you cry, love can make you depressed. Love can do so many things with you.

Love can make you smile. Love will make you happy. Love can make you feel wanted. Love can be your future.

Love is an important thing for a lot people. You hear it in love songs, see it in movies. You will see it everywhere.

Love makes you blind, love is power,love is safe.

Im afraid for love. Like does she love me? Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough? Will she hurt me? Will she cheat on me? Is she the one for me? Is this what I need?

So many questions and I don’t know the answer.

Love is big, love is beautiful, love is sweet,love is kind love is something I need. But it can fuck you up really hard.

But im afraid to take the first step. I don’t want to get hurt. Because a broken heart is something nobody wants.

Love will make me doubt

4 thoughts on “Afraid to love

  1. Long walks on the beach, holding hands and kissing, snuggling in front of the fireplace, talking for hours over everything and nothing, deep thoughts and deep sighs, bliss in your heart, contentment and a sense of belonging. Those are part of love, real love. The bad is possible but there is no guarantees that the bad will happen to you but if you shut your heart to love there is a 100% guarantee that you won’t have those things I listed. You can’t have them if you won’t take a chance on love. No one wants to be hurt but you are hurting yourself and preventing you from having happy.

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    1. Yeahh I know I want all those things love can be beautiful. I know that. I have had that. Thanks for sharing well written!


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