First date

This week I had my first date with you. From the moment we had agreed to go on a date I got really nervous. I just doubted everything. Will you like me? What do I say? Will it be awkward? How do I great you? I didn’t know it. And that made me so nervous.

We only texted this would be our first time seeing each other, and I wanted it to be good. We were going to have a drink at a bar. At 7 I stand outside the bar. I was there first. I waited and I even doubted if you would show up. What if you were pranking me?

But you didn’t. I looked to my left side and there were you. The first seconds passed by so fast. I said hi. You said hi. And before even realizing it. We sat face-to-face. We ordered something to drink. And we started to talk.

I remember that I was not nervous anymore, you were. I could tell. I found it cute how you acted. Your smile was sweet. We talked and talked. We didn’t stop. We had great fun and laughed a lot.

I was not nervous anymore even not for a bit. It felt so normal to talk to you even when we didn’t meet before.

There was a spark right before we left. We looked each other deep in the eyes. We were talking about something. But I forgot because you looked so sweet you blushed and I blushed. You told me that you also forgot where we were talking about. And we just looked to each other for a moment. It felt warm and nice.

It was a good first date and I will see you next week for our second date. And I’m so excited! I feel this will be good!

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