You look happier

”You look happier” That is what you told me, we had a drink from my work, you have a new job so you were there for the last time. You have helped me with my struggles at home and you were there when my dad died.

You have seen me at my baddest time, but you always made me laugh. I was sitting and talked with some colleagues and you joined me. And you said

”You look happier”

And I told you ”yeah I am, I am happy I feel good” And you smiled at me with a good smile like always.

It felt so good to hear that from somebody. Just a simple ”you look happier” made my whole day. Im happy , I feel good.I enjoy my life.It is true what he said to me. All since this new year I feel positive.

Of course I have my struggles as how you can read on here but still if you look to 2018 it have been good. I have learned, that it doesn’t matter how good your life is there will always come a moment again when you will feel down or sad. That is part of your life. And I have learned how to deal with it. As what we say in the Netherlands. ”after rain comes sunshine”

And at this moment there is a lot of sunshine in my life.

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