LGBT Talk: With Roos and Stefanie

I asked my straight roommates if they wanted to do an interview with me. I know them from work, and they are best friends at work.

Me: Hello ladies this is my first interview so don’t judge me haha

Me: Thanks that you two wanted to do this interview. Okay, tell me something about yourself and how do you know me and how do you know each other? 🙂

Roos: Hello, I’m 20 years old, I live in the south of the Netherlands. I know you from work because we are in the same group. And I know Stefanie from the Military school, we were buddy’s and we still are.

Stefanie: Hi, I’m 21 years old., I live in the middle of the Netherlands. 15 km from the German border. I know you from the workplace, and we live together in the same building at work. And yeah as what Roos said we know each other from the Military school, and I have a lot of fun with her.

Me: What were your first thoughts about me when you figured out that I was gay?

Roos: I need to think, I don’t know, I think I kinda just heard it and I find it cool hhaha 🙂 We sleep together in one room but I have never felt uncomfortable with you because we have more gay roommates.

Stefanie: At first sight, I didn’t know you where gay. But then when you told me I was like okay okay interesting.

Me: What are your thoughts about homosexuality in general? And do you know any LGBT people?

Stefanie: I don’t mind it, I don’t hate it, the persons who are LGBT are just normal people just like us. And there is nothing wrong with that. And yes I know a few people who are gay, and since I work in the Army I know even more gay people.

Roos: You are not different, there is no difference, people are allowed to love who they want to love. My niche is lesbian and I have a friend of mine who is gay. And I’m happy for them that they have figured out and are happy in a relationship now.

Me: And what do you think when you see LGBT stuff on tv or in real life?

Roos: If I see two people of the same-sex kiss on tv I don’t think different about it.

Stefanie: No problem 😀 But when they kiss I don’t like it, but I have that with everyone hahah also heterosexuals just get a room haha.

Me: We work in the military, what is very manly what do you it will be like for gay men to be in the military and what about gay women?

Roos: They will be scared I think because they maybe think that their buddies will not be their friends or something. Because of the culture the Army has.

Stefanie: I think it can be very hard for them because the men in the Army can be judging about gay men, not like homophobic but just yeah they will choose them to pick on. But for women, it is easier because they will be seen as one of the guys.

Me: As a heterosexual what do you think about the LGBT rights in the world, does something have to change?

Roos: In the Netherlands it is good you have the same rights as me. So that is okay. But it is weird that it is different in other countries that is not okay.

Stefanie: I find it a good job of us that we have LGBT-rights and I love the gay-pride in Amsterdam. It is stupid that in other countries LGBT people can’t marry the person they love.

Me: Do you have advice for people who aren’t yet out of the closet?

Stefanie: You can do it, people will love you for who you are. Open the door there is a whole world waiting for you hahah.

Roos: Buy a light then it will be less dark in your life hahahah, No just kidding, just tell someone you trust. It will be fine.

Me: Any last words?

Roos and Stefanie: We wish you luck with your blog and thanks for this interview haha it was interesting.

Stefanie and Roos at the Iron Viking Run 42 km obstacle run

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