Bisexual talk with : Emma !

A few days ago I interviewed Roos and Stefanie about LGBT stuff. Today I had a talk with Emma about her being bisexual and her experience. I know Emma from work, if we work together we always have a good time, so this interview will be fun too I hope hahah.

Me: Hello Ems ! how are you? Thank you for your time! Can you tell something about yourself?

Emma: I’m fine! thanks, I have a cup of Jack Daniels so good 😀 I’m Emma and im 20 years old, I live in Rotterdam. I live together with my girlfriend.

Me: You are bisexual right? When did you figure that out? And how did you know?

Emma: Yes! I was 15 years old and I only had relationships with boys, being with a girl was never an option before until I changed from football club to a women football academy. A lot of girls showed interest in me. I liked the attention of one girl specific. We had a good time and suddenly she said to me that I would never ask her to be her girlfriend, that I was too afraid for that. I really like challenges so I just did it to prove myself. But the next morning I was confused if we both were serious. So we talked and we said: We just give it a try! But I realized that I was not done with boys, I still liked them. Then I knew I was bisexual.

Me: Have you ever felt ashamed about your sexuality?

Emma: To the world, I have never felt ashamed but I was nervous about what my friends would think. I was in a relationship with me (ex)girlfriend for 1 and a half year before I told my friends

Me: This brings us to the next question. How did you come out, and who was the first one you told?

Emma: All the time I told my parents that we were just friends, but they had a suspicion that we were more than just friends. I kept on lying until I couldn’t handle it anymore. First I told my mum. She got angry, So I started to cry and I ran away with my (ex)girlfriend. I was hurt because I thought they didn’t accept me being bisexual, so I was planning to never come home again. Meanwhile, when I was running away from home, my mum was chasing after me in her car to look for me. It took a day then I talked to my mum. She picked me up at me (ex) girlfriends house. After a long talk with my mum, I figured out that she accepted my sexuality but she just didn’t like the person I dated. After a while, it became clear why she thought that. My parents totally accept the girl I have a relationship with now. If I’m happy they are happy. It is normal for them now.

Me: What do you say when people ask you about your sexuality?

Emma: I never deny it. I say with proud that I have a girlfriend and that we are living together. I’m really proud to be her girlfriend 😀

Me: You have a girlfriend now. Do you feel safe to be open in public with her and have you ever experienced homophobic reactions?

Emma: I live in Rotterdam and that is a really LGBT friendly city they organize a lot of gay activities you can see the rainbow flag everywhere. So I feel safe when I hold my girlfriend’s hand in public. Of course, I sometimes get a few jealous reactions from boys but not really homophobic.

Me: How should you react to homophobic reactions or to someone who doesn’t accept you?

Emma: I have never experienced that right in my face. But I will keep my proud to myself, let them talk. I’m happy with myself and if others think different I don’t care.

Me: What do you think about the LGBT rights right now? Does something have to change?

Emma: I’m really happy with the rights in the Netherlands and I hope someday we will have that everywhere. Because every culture and every country deserves the same rights. Everybody must be allowed to love the person they want to love.

Me: Do you have advice to someone who isn’t out the closest or has struggled with their sexuality?

Emma: Don’t be too scared to lose friends, because if they don’t accept you, then they aren’t really your true friends. You will find people who really accept you for who you are!

Me: Any last words?

Emma: Yes! I have a question for you Nathasja! When you saw me for the first time did you thought I was gay?

Me: At first I didn’t expect it. But I knew someone of the new colleagues was gay when I figured it out. It became all clear. You can tell that you are gay, because of your character and your appearance. You are a little arrogant cute gay girl.

Me: thank you for your time empty!

Emma: Your welcome!

Fun fact: Emma once locked the door of my room so I couldn’t go inside because I was smoking in the living room, she was not happy with that! But now we laugh about it.

Me and Emma when we were going out with work!

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