Some questions I got.

Hello, These questions are from Tumblr, where I have my other blog, I wanted to share these questions with you.

So.. I’m in to girls. But at few occasions I can feel like a guy can be like. Good looking, attractive, suuper hot. But I can’t see myself having sex with a guy. And I feel so incredibly confused. I really don’t want to call myself bisexual. That just don’t feel like me. But when I call myself gay, I feel limited. What if I fall for a guy some day and everyone thinks I’m gay cuz that what I’ve been saying. And people are being rude about it. I don’t know what to do. I just want to fit in.. fml..  – Anonymous

It is okay to not know your sexuality yet, it is okay to be confused. You don’t need to label yourself, labels are for clothes. You can say to people that you like girls but that you are not 100% done with boys or just say that you don’t know it for sure yet. People always want to put others is boxes. But just call yourself whatever you want. If gay fits you then just call yourself that, and if others don’t like that , it that there problem.

Hi what are your thoughts on a relationship where both girls are “girly”? Everyones telling me it’s weird and i feel insecure now- Anonymous

Wauw that is not weird at all, I know a lot lesbians who are both girly and in a relationship with each other. That is just stereotyping people have created, there must be a ”manly” person in the relationship otherwise it can’t be. Of course there will always be one more dominant or will be the ” leader” but that is fluid. It don’t has to be. People just need to stop stereotyping people. Let people be who they are.

What’s the best way to get over an ex?

euhmm what I always do is this
1 cry my eyes out
2 feel like the world is over and I will cry again
3 I will get up and feel like the best thing is happened to me and act like im the strongest person in the world (even when I still want to cry) 
4 day by day it will go better.
5 Also when I still stalk her on social media and stuff 
6 okay fthe first day without thinking about her.
7 ooh fuck that girl looks cute. let’s talk to her.
8 who was my ex again? o yeah that bitch
9 okay now I miss her
10 no! I am strong I am over her
11 Cry again about her on a bad day
12 Meet someone else and hope I never have to do these steps again.
That is what I would do, but the most important thing is, give it a place, you will never forget her but you can give her a place in your heart and try to move on! It just takes time!

Favorite thing to do in bed? -Anon

I like to sleep when iI’min bed 😉 duuhhh what else ha ha ha

What’s your favorite thing about girls?

When they smile. their soft skin. How they talk about life. their insecurity but most the confidence. Attitude and how they walk. smell,  clothes, hair, eyes just everything. Girls are beautiful no matter what they look. Girls are everything!

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