How my week was going and what have I learned part 2

This week was a busy week on work, I have done a lot. We are preparing to go to Germany in March, I will stay there for 4/5 weeks. I like to go to Germany again as always!

I had some good fun with friends again, as you can read that in my interviews with people from work and also in the workplace I had so much fun again!

Also, I had a party again from work and it was fun, it was the last day of a friend from me on work and we celebrated it one time with a big party. I wish him all the best with his new job!

I have learned that it is okay to go away in situations you don’t like no matter what others will think. If you don’t feel okay anymore then go away. There will come other things were you feel good again. ( there was a fight when the party was over and I decided to go away)

Accept compliments, It is hard for me to accept compliments sometimes because I do not always think I deserve it, but if people say it then accept it and be happy with it!

Do good to people then you will get good vibes back!

It is okay if you are busy and others not, it only means that you want to work and that you are motivated to do your job.

That last thing becomes really important for me. I want to work. I want to get somewhere and I want to stay motivated. And other people start to see that too and I’m happy about that!

Foto door Pixabay op

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