Some questions I got part 2

Again some questions I got on my Tumblr blog

I have liked girls all my life and thought I was a lesbian but I have been having feelings for a guy what does this mean?- Anonymous

That you are human! Sexuality is fluid, maybe you thought you where gay, but did you now figure out that you also like boys ,Maybe bisexual will fits you. that is okay, you can see it just like the one time you discovered that you liked girls too, you can figure out your sexuality at different times. Maybe you just figured it out now. That is fine. Sometimes it takes time to really know who you are.

Okay I don’t know if your answer this but can a girl know they are a lesbian without having a girlfriend? – Anonymous

Of course, straight people also know they are straight before they have a relationship. You only get in a relationship when you have feelings right? So you will have this ”gay” feelings before you get into one right?

Hi So today at dinner My parents and I were talking about gays and how some people are against it since I have a school project about it.. And we were joking about my best friend and I being gay and how fun it would be.. And I was really tense cause like I’m gay but I’m not out.. But then they told that they wouldn’t give a damn if I was gay, they just wanted me to be happy, and I was ready to just like “IM GAY” but I couldn’t.. Why wasn’t I able to just say it when they already assured me?? Anonymous

Because maybe you weren’t ready to come out, it was the right time but maybe it was not your time. Listen to yourself if you really want to come out then try to bring up the subject again. Or maybe write it down in a letter if you don’t want to say it out load. But only do it when you feel ready. It is okay if you aren’t ready yet. But for now you know that you will have support and I hope that makes you feel good about it!

How do I stop falling for a straight girl Anonymous

you can’t because you can’t stop yourself from feeling thing. You just need to deal with it, and I know that can be really really hard. But you should.,so yeah okay just try not to fall to hard for a straight girl, when you know she is straight please back off and find a other love interest.  I know you can’t chose the one you fall in love with, love can be fucked up sometimes. All I can say is. Give it a place, tell yourself that she will not love you, let her go and try to be happy if she is happy.

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