It is you

It is you every time every moment every single time of the day.

I’m looking for you everywhere. I’m wondering what you are doing. I want to know what is going on in your life. I get worried about you sometimes. Just because I care about you.

You who leave me worried about what went wrong when you don’t text back. I can’t leave my phone alone. I will check my phone for your name a lot. There it is again your name at my screen.

You who makes me smile because of your stupid but funny actions. You I want to spend my time with. Because with you I will never get bored. No matter what time it is I will spend it with you.

I want to walk around the city with you. It makes me feel calm when you are around. You make me smile. You know me and I know you.

There is so much I want to do with you but I know we are running out of time. You will leave and I will stay here. And I wonder will we still have that moment when you are gone?

You I will not let go on. I will think about you. I hope you understand how important you are for me.

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