Overcoming my fears

Last week I was with my team on field training. Those weeks are known for being physical and doing a lot of different things. You will walk a lot you will not sleep that much. You will train the basic military things. I like to do it because that is why I choose to join the army.

I knew the week planing and I knew that we had to do an exercise on the climbing tower. Most people will like it and were very excited about it. But I will tell you this girl is a little bit afraid of heights. So I got all ready nervous about it when I heard we were going to climb in the dark.

My group leader told me that it would be alright. It was okay to be scared. He told the group that he expected from everyone to help each other and don’t laugh because someone was scared. Teamwork that was the keyword.

Then the moment came when we went to the climbing tower. I remembered seeing the tower and I got really nervous because it was higher then I remembered. So my mood was going down. And on the inside, I freaked out a little bit.

We were told that we would abseil the tower. I had never done that before. I climbed the tower and I looked down. I felt the wind in my face and it was so high. When I was on the platform I froze for a little bit my fear got me and I didn’t want to go. Then the instructor who knew I was scared asked me for a demo. I did. He told me and the others what we needed to do. Then he told me to take little steps backward. Suddenly I was at the edge of the tower. I couldn’t go back I had to go down. So I did. When I was over the edge I heard everyone clap. Everyone was so proud that I did it. And I was proud too. I even started to have fun. I did it 2 more times even the instructor told me that I was doing a good job to do it again. I would overcome my fear.

In the end, we needed to do a sort of zip line. It was even higher than the abseil. I stood there again at the platform looking at the zip line. Again I was a little bit scared again because this was also new for me and it was higher. But I knew I needed to do it. “Don’t be a pussy” I told myself. I got attached at the zip line and I was ready to go. I counted 1,2,3 go. And I jumped. I felt the wind in my face again and I even smiled.

I was so proud when I was done. I didn’t let my fear get me. I just did what I had to do and even enjoyed it.

It was a good lesson for me. Sometimes a thing can be so scary and it is okay to feel like that but sometimes you just need to jump into the unknown and you will remember it can be fun!

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