Dear homophobic parents

There is something I want to tell you. Something that really makes me sad and sick. It’s called homophobia. I’m so sick of homophobic people but then mostly homophobic parents. I want to write something about them. And I hope people share my thoughts

When I got my other blog I got a lot stories and comments from teens who have come out to their parents but their parent will not accept them… they say it’s a sin and it’s not normal to be gay… But what if your child would be very tall, would have a big nose, would have red hair, would have big ears or just something else what makes them different from other kids. If you are a parent of that child you will love your child no matter what right?

There are parents who don’t allow their child to see or let them have contact with their girl/boyfriend or let their child transfer from school because they have a relationship with someone of the same sex. There are parents who harass, abuse or kick their own child out of their home…Just for loving someone.

There is something wrong with you if you do that to your own child. You can’t change a gay person. They are born this way! You can’t let them hide their feelings, don’t let them hate themselves for loving a person. Your child will become unhappy and in the worst situation, they will commit suicide. You are selfish and must be ashamed to call yourself a parent. You are not a parent if you don’t support your own child. You must love your child no matter what. And if you don’t accept your child for who they are. You will have no right to call yourself a parent. That’s the last thing you are! Love is love!

I can say a lot more about this, I can go on for hours but I think that I have already made a point. You can’t choose who you fall in love with. So what will I say with this story? There are some gay people in the world who are going to a hard time because of the existing of homophobia. Not only because of their parents also because of the other people who don’t accept it. I feel sorry that I live in a world with people who are homophobic. I can be who I want to be but that’s not for anybody the situation. It’s unfair that there are people in the world who can’t be themselves… I want to say people just live your life. it’s maybe hard like hell. But there will come a lucky moment in your life. That moment is when you can say to yourself I’m proud and not ashamed that I love someone of the same-sex!

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