Why I like Legends of Tomorrow so much

If you ask me what is your favorite series I would say with no doubt: Legends of Tomorrow. I can talk about it forever. Why? I will explain it in this post. (Spoiler alert)

Where is the series about?

It is a DC series and it is a part of the Arrowverse with Arrow , The Flash, and Supergirl. You can say that there are more shows in the Arrowverse but these four are the once people know the most.

It tells a story of a time traveler Rip Hunter, he needs a team to save the future, so that is when the Legends come together. The team is made of villains and superheroes from The Flash and Arrow. They are not that great of being a super team but they will fix it in there own way. They always have been outcasts in their own series. Rip gives them a chance to make a difference, to become Legends!

Reasons why I love it


I enjoy every episode because it is not a standard superhero series, it is just one fuck up. At first, it was a little bit normal but then they discovered that they could do anything and people would love it. Like who knows a series were a big fluffy teddybear fights off with a demon?

You learn a little about history but history had changed itself and the legends need to fix it. It is so funny to see important things from history in a different way in a way that is not right like when George Lucas stopped making movies because he was attacked. The legends tried to fix it so he would make movies again. Or they try to fix a zombie apocalypse in 1776.

It such a weird written story, everything is possible nothing is too much they even have a unicorn who eats people.

LGBT support

And of course, a big reason why I love it so much. They have great LGBT content in it. It is like everybody is bisexual. And I mean everyone.

I already was a big fan of Sara in Arrow, but now she had a great storyline in the Legends. She is a strong character who is well known as a bisexual woman. I love to see that the writers play with it. A lot women in different time periods fall for her. And in different episodes they discuss it. Like the time when they where in a hospital and Sara met a nurse who was afraid for her sexuality because it wasn’t allowed in that time period. Or the time Sara almost got hanged because she was called a ”witch” because she slept with women. It is a great series to watch if you are LGBT there is so much more happening about LGBT stuff. As what I said it is like everyone is gay.


Who doesn’t love a crossover with the series you love to most. The Arrowverse work a lot together. And I love it. It is so fun to see them all fight a mutual enemy. There are a lot of crossovers already and some of them least for 4 episodes. It is great!

Strong women

It is a very positive series for women, the women in the Legends are powerful, strong and good leaders. The writers like to think out of the box and bring women in a good light. They bring a message to all the women out there that women can also do badass stuff. And I think it is a great thing to show!

Humor and fight scenes

They have great humor. And who doesn’t love chaotic fight scenes? I just leave this here:

It is just a great series, I can’t explain how much joy this brought in my life. Let me know have you watched it? And what do you love the most?

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