Things you need to keep saying to yourself

It is a sunny day so time for a positive post! Here are a few things everyone should tell themselves.

– You are worth it. You are beautiful. Someone will love your imperfections.

– It is okay to feel sad about something even when nobody seems to care. It is okay to show your emotions even when you’re told to man up

– It is okay when you don’t want to go to that party or event because you need me time. It is okay to choose for yourself when you feel like you need it.

-Don’t let somebody tell you that you can’t do it because you don’t fit in the “standard picture” If you will not try it you will never know

-It is okay to fail sometimes. Take it as a lesson. You can always learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes.

– Maybe your day wasn’t a good day and maybe you haven’t had a good day in a while. But there always will come a good day again. Even when it doesn’t feel that way.

-Try to enjoy the little moments. The small things that is all what matters.

-It is okay to not do anything for a day. Just have a of day and relax. Your life can be stressful. Some me time can be good for yourself.

-Take care of yourself. Eat good. Drink water. But also enjoy that bag of chips you eat in one evening. That is what food is for.

-Try different things even when you are scared.

-Learn from others even when they criticize you. You can take it with you and learn from it. Don’t let others change you change yourself if you want to.

-You don’t need to do everything at your own. It is okay to ask for help even when you think nobody will understand. Someone will and they can help.

-It is okay to feel insecure try to remember that everyone feels like this sometimes even the one who will look so sure about themselves.

-It’s okay to be confused/scared about your future. One day you will figure it all out.

It is okay to feel things. Your emotions make you human. That makes you as who you are and you are perfect no matter how hard, sad, or lonely your life can be. Someday you will be okay. Little steps is also progress and you can do it. You deserve life and happyness!

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