How to stay positive

How do you stay positive in a world full of shit?

I Always thought that I was positive until some bad things happened to me, I couldn’t do anything about it, so I hear you say how do you stay positive when things like that happen. That is what I’m going to tell you now!

You matter you are giving this life, so do something with it!

I remember saying to myself that I needed to change the way I thought, I sat outside thinking about all the bad in this world and in my life. Why? I don’t know I think I just needed it. But did I? No, of course not. It will make me sad and unhappy. So that was the moment when I knew, I will be more positive and of course, there is not a switch button you can turn on and off, but you can make yourself happier just to enjoy the little things.

At this moment there is so much going on in the world, happy things but you mostly you will see the sad and bad things. Why because that is news. Try to think about it, when did you see something happy on the news? You just remember the bad stuff right? Why ? because that is what people do. That is how people work.

But that can change!

How? Just like this: remember the things that make you happy. For me are my dogs, my friends, or just a simple cup of tea. (yeah I’m a tea drinker now because it is 2019 haha) The little moments remember them when you feel sad or when you see something bad. So you will be a little bit happier.
Of course, it is alright to be sad or unhappy sometimes but don’t let it live your life, take a moment to think about it but then turn around and try to stay positive. the world beautiful and if you can’t see it right now. Then go find it!
Go outside and just take a little walk, do you see happy things? Just look really good. Do you see the birds or the children playing on the street.?Take a deep breath. What do you smell? Yes, freedom, this is life, this is your life and you can choose to be happy, even when the world around you is not !!

If you enjoy the small things in life you will get more energy things will be easier, you will laugh more and that is all what matters, your health and your happiness! The other things will be better if you just start there!

Enjoy your life!

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