Have you ever felt alone? Not just alone but alone when there are a lot people around you? Do you know that feeling?

You are at a party or a meeting. You know a lot of people but you just stand there with the people you know the best. You are not alone.

But still you feel alone.

You feel like an outside an underdog, somebody who doesn’t fit in. You try to follow the conversation. And you try to mingle yourself in the conversation. And yes finally you came up with something to say. You wait for the right moment to say the words they will not come out, but then yes there is the right moment and you will start speaking but then somebody starts a new topic.

You are alone again you haven’t said anything. Then somebody asks you. “Hey girl what do you think about this?”

You feel yourself getting nervous. You say to yourself “keep calm he is just asking you something, think, say something!. But you just stutter something about “yeah I’m okay with what he thinks” but you know you have your own thoughts your own opinion about it but it just doesn’t come out of your mouth.

You walk away and go stand to a wall. You look at all the people and think” why can’t I be just like them?“ Then you see someone walking towards you. She stands next to you and says with a smile

“Hey how are you?”

And you smile back and you feel so calm and say :
”Im good how are you?”

And suddenly you are not that alone anymore

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