For my work, I need to miss home a lot. From Monday to Friday I sleep on the barracks because of my work. Also for my work, we practice a lot abroad mostly in Germany.

I will be gone for 4/5weeks.

Most people ask don’t you miss home when you are gone? Of course, I miss it. I miss my little brother, my dogs and even the small things like my bed.

I take my time to say goodbye every time when I need to go. I hug my dogs and I tell my brother that I love him. But from the moment I step in my car, I focus on work.

Home is where your heart is. That is something what I always remember myself. I love my job. And I like the people I work with. I know that with them I can be myself and we always make happy memories. I see them more than my own family that can be hard sometimes but they know the feeling of being away from home. At that moment they are my family they are my home.

And knowing that makes it easier to go away from home.

But it still makes me happy every time I step into my house to be home again.

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