Drunk talk

Why are we really honest with each other when we are drunk? Why do I only hear the truth about us when you are drunk? Is it the truth or are you still lying?

Don’t get me wrong I like those late nights with you. Sitting and drinking. Talking and laughing.

Last time was different you told me a lot about yourself and I had the feeling that you finally trusted me. You told me personal things about your past and about your thoughts about you and I. I like that. I want to know everything about you. When sober you are so mysterious. That is why I appreciate your honestness when we have those nights together.

I want more of those late nights. Just forget all the bullshit. Just you and I having fun and sharing memories and moments together. Happy, sad and important moments. It doesn’t matter I keep them close. And I will remember it.

One glass and I will go to bed that is what you always say when it is getting later. But that one glass will turn out in two or three more because we still have so much to talk about.

I want to get to know every little thing about you. Every little secret, the little stories and the big once. If you ask about it I will tell you mine. And that is what we always do when you are drunk.

We have drunk talk. And I love it.

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