I want to move on

I want to I really want to move on. Because you don’t love me. And you will never do. That is what you said to me when I was on my weakest.

I thought this will be the moment the moment I can forget you and be happy with someone else. But it turns out that she is also just trying to move on. And she failed just like me. She didn’t choose me. Just like you didn’t choose me. I failed to move on. And there you are again. I can’t move because you are in my head again.

I tried to date someone else. But it is not fair. When you try to love someone but want to be with you.

I can’t make myself fall in love with someone else. I can’t make you love me. Even when that is the only thing I want.

They all say you are so kind, you are so sweet. But that is all I will ever hear. Even from you. But is that true?

I try to move on. I really do. But it doesn’t help me if you don’t want me to. It seems like you miss me. It looks like you want me. But the truth is you don’t want me. You only miss the attention. And it stops me from moving on.

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