What do you think?

What do you think about me?

I know what I think about you. You are beautiful and you are special, you are kind.

What do you think when you see me? Do you also get those happy feelings?

What do you think when you smile at me?

I smile at you for a reason because I love you. And I hope you will see that you make me smile. That smile is for you. A smile because I like you.

What do you think when we touch? Or kiss or talk or just sit next to each other?

I don’t know what you think. All I know is my own feelings. My feelings for you are real. But do you think the same?

The moments we kiss. Are one of the best moments. I don’t want it to stop. The feelings of your hands against me. That moment before the kiss. You staring at me. I look into your beautiful eyes and all I think is you are so beautiful.

That little smile you give me when we look at each other in the eyes. I feel your lips against mine. And I feel your warmth.

I love it. I don’t want this to stop. Because I don’t know what you will think.

All I can think is when well be our next kiss? When will be our next touch? When will you smile at me again?

Do you think about me when you can’t sleep? I do, but do you?

I will never know what you think.

But I hope someday you will tell me what you think about me.

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