“Why do you like me?”

We drove at the highway to get dinner. I always love driving with you. The music the fun we make just the two of us. I love these moments. You were already a little drunk. Of course, I was sober because I drove the car. I looked at you and saw you being so happy. I smiled because I always smile at you. You saw me. And asked why I smiled. I told you that I didn’t know. But I knew why I did it because I am in love with you.

You looked at me and all of the sudden you asked me. Why do you like me? I was shocked we never talked about my feelings for you because you don’t feel the same. I saw that you regretted what you asked. And you said that you were sorry.

I told you not to be sorry and that it is okay. I answered:

I like you so much because you are yourself. And I’m so sad that you don’t notice that you are so beautiful, nice, sweet and funny. That is what I told you. But words can’t explain why I like you so much.

I know it’s hard when you have a friendship like this. The feelings will stay. But lucky we have found a way to still be good friends. And little talks like this makes it even better to deal with it. And it will make our friendship stronger. Even when I still love you…

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