When we first met

Our first meeting was not perfect but we will always remember it.

I already knew who you was, I had seen you before when I walked with my dogs sometimes you walked past by sometimes you said “hi” sometimes you were to busy with listening to music. You always wear your headphones, when you are walking alone. It makes you a little bit mysterious and I already liked that about you, even when you didn’t know me

Someday we matched together on a dating app. I didn’t send a text because I was shy. And you worked at the local supermarket so I got anxious that you would judge me. But now I know that I was stupid thinking like that.

A few days went by. I even saw you at your work we only said hi. I wondered if you knew that we were a match.

Then someday you messaged me. And we talked and talked. You wanted to meet. But I was scared. You pushed me and pushed. I took a deep breath and put on my jacket, there I was standing on the corner waiting for you. You told me over text that you had a few drinks but that you were coming my way with your little sister. And there you were. I saw your smile and suddenly that mysterious girl I always saw was cute, drunk and a little shy. We talked about a few things and it was fun.

When we said goodbye you told me that you would text me again and you did. You told me that you were on your way home and that you wanted to see me again. You also said “sorry I had a little too much to drink” I laughed and I put on my jacket again to walk to the corner. There you were again. And I saw your smile we talked and flirted a little bit, I like it. It was fun and I felt your warmth. I walked you home because you were a little bit too drunk. At your home, we kissed. You asked me to stay over but I left because I thought it would not be that smart because you were drunk. I wanted to but there would come a next time a better time.

Next time was better.

Now we both love each other and it all started with that one night. And I always smile and think about that one night when I walk past our corner,when I’m going to your house. The corner where we first met.

I love you girl!

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